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Welding Procedure Specification

Welding Procedure Development

Welding Procedure Specification

Global Welding Technology offer expert welding procedure development services to a wide assortment of codes and specifications. As we are an Australian firm we are very knowledgeable and versatile with the interpretation and implementaion of Australian Standards. We are also well versed in ASME codes, AWS codes, API codes and ISO codes.

Each welding supervisor is WTIA trained and qualified in compliance with Australian Standards AS2214 and AS1796. They are also experienced qualified pressure vessel welders certified to AS1796.

Our diverse experience and training means that we are able to develop a draft procedure rqpidly and then attend your premises and work with your team to fully develop the welding procedure specification and witness the welding of a procedure qualification record test coupon. We then send that test coupon to be tested in accordance with the code requirements to a NATA laboratory. Finally a weld procedure is fully documented. A Procedure Qualification Record, PQR, is completed. A Welding Procedure Specification is documented with the ranges of essential welding variables in accordance with the relevant code or standard.

Our supervisors carry a range of instruments in their kit to enable precise measurements and accurate assessments to be made of your welding. Our measuring equipment such as electrical meters are calibrated yearly.

Our friendly approachable supervisors are also able to offer helpful hands on advice for designing suitable welding procedure specifications. This can involve an assessment of team and/or individual capabilites and the impact on the ability to achieve the desired outcome. It can also involve assessments of the welding plant and accessories. Often old unmaintained machines are not able to perform to the level required and no amount of skill from the tradesman can make a difference to that. We will inform you honestly in a straight forward manner if this is the case. We can then assist in the decision making process for a new machine and its procurement. If training is required then we can assist with upskilling your team members in the use of the new equipment.

We have experience in carbon steels, bisalloys, aluminium, stainless steels and duplex/superduplex in particular and also exotic nickel alloys.

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