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Welder Qualification

Global Welding Technology offer expert welding supervision services to a wide assortment of codes and specifications. As we are an Australian firm we are very knowledgeable and versatile with the interpretation and implementaion of Australian Standards. We are also well versed in ASME codes, AWS codes, API codes and ISO codes.

Each welding supervisor is WTIA trained and qualified in compliance with Australian Standards AS2214 and AS1796. They are also experienced qualified pressure vessel welders certified to AS1796.

Our supervisors carry a range of instruments in their kit to enable precise measurements and accurate assessments to be made of your welding. Our measuring equipment such as electrical meters are calibrated yearly.

It is a requirement of every welding code that a current Welder Qualification Record, WQR, is witnessed by a welding supervisor and the records retained. These WQR's only remain current for 6 months unless their are NDT reports available to support that the welder is still current and welding with the required performance level. Keep in mind they are required for each WPS the welder uses. They also do not transfer across welding processes. All WQR tests are processed by an independent NATA laboratory. We keep copies of these records permanently.

Our friendly approachable welding supervisor is also able to offer helpful hands on advice to the welder qualification candidates. This can be in reading and understanding the Welding Procedure Specification, WPS, they are being tested on. It can also be advice for adjustments to their welding techniques. All this is done in a respectful friendly manner. If the candidate does not wish for assistance this too is respected as after all it is their name on the test coupon.

If you are from interstate and are employing welders from Victoria we are able to witness a WQR test for you to verify the performance level of the welding candidate before they commence FIFO or move interstate. As above this is confirmed by an independent NATA laboratory giving you confidence in the testing. We believe this to be an excellent cost saving method for your team.

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