Material Identification

Material Identification
Material Identification test or Positive Material Identification (PMI) is one of the most effective and reliable processes of NDT and is used primarily for ensuring safety and consistency of quality by evaluating material grade & alloy composition. The method is a vital part of integrity management across multiple industries - fabrication, gas & oil, chemical, aerospace, power, automotive, nuclear, marine and pharmaceutical. PMI is utilised by manufacturing sectors mainly for eliminating production failures.
Global Welding Technology understands the vitality of PMI testing and therefore delivers a competitively priced Positive Material Identification service to a vast range of manufacturing industries for ensuring appropriate regulatory compliance, efficient risk management and improved risk reduction. Our certified and trained staff use both of the popular alloy identification PMI technologies - Optical Emission Spectroscopy and X-ray Fluorescence - as per requirements and specifications of an application. They utilise state-of-the-art analysing equipment for determining the chemical composition of materials.
Due to recent incidents in the industry, the demand for quality, elaborate and precise PMI tests have increased now more than ever. It has become supremely vital for new operational components to match accurately with their replaced parts as far as engineering specifications are concerned. Visual inspections are no longer solely acceptable for alloy detection due to increase in usage of visually indistinguishable alloys. With years of experience and latest devices & technology at our disposal, we can conduct NATA accredited Positive Material Identification inspections and deliver comprehensive test reports within the shortest span of time possible.
Please note that every PMI inspection conducted by the staff of Global Welding Technology comply with all necessary ASME, AWS, API, EN and ISO codes.

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