Visual Inspection

Visual Inspection

Visual Inspection

Global Welding Technology offers expert welding inspection services to a wide assortment of codes and specifications. As we are an Australian firm, we are knowledgeable and versatile with the interpretation and implementation of Australian Standards. We are also well versed in ASME codes, AWS codes, API codes and ISO codes.

Visual inspection is the most cost-effective method of detecting common defects in welding and castings. As it can be implemented easily throughout the progression of a job it is easy to eliminate simple errors and problems preventing the follow-on effect.

Visual Inspection for Welding

Visual inspection is a commonly used technique for weld quality and is a popular method for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT). The process involves visual testing to determine surface-breaking defects. There are several flaws that are on the surface and can be easily detected with a thorough visual inspection. At Global Welding Technology, we are aware of the requirements of your process and our service is designed to ensure welds of the highest standards.

We understand the criticality of weld strength for any product and the risk that a weak weld may pose to people and assets. Our visual inspection service monitors specific parameters by visual assessment of the surfaces. With our service, you can have peace of mind that proper controls are in place and you will have quality welds.

Each visual inspector is WTIA trained and qualified in compliance with Australian Standards AS2214 and AS1796 or to NDT standards such as AS2062, AS2177, AS2207and AS1171.

While there are several modern and advanced testing methods still available, visual check continues to be vital. A qualified and experienced visual inspector can help you detect obvious issues that do not require other types of testing. You can save on expensive tests and immensely benefit from the knowledge of the visual inspector. By considering all the different factors that impact the quality of the weld, you have an idea of what needs to be done.

Visual Inspection- The First Stage of Testing Welds

It is a wise practice to have a visual inspection as the first step to testing welds. It helps in identifying missed joints, surface cracks and other problems. The check is quite reliable and offers a cost-effective way to rectify errors. With a visual test, you also get an idea if any further tests are required. Our inspectors carry a range of instruments in their kit to enable precise measurements and accurate assessments to be made of your welding.

Our inspectors are also able to offer helpful advice on remedying any welding faults and for adjustments to a welding procedure specification, WPS, to be made.

Written reports are supplied promptly post visual inspection meeting the requirements of AS3978.

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