Aicip Pressure Vessel Inspector in Melbourne

AICIP Pressure Vessel

In the state of Victoria, specific boilers and pressure vessels require to be registered with the Worksafe Authority, and also inspected on a regular basis. Besides that, the aforementioned registration necessitates triennial renewal as per the requisites of AS 3788, otherwise monetary penalties of up to $40,000 can be charged for using unregistered equipment. This applies to all pressure vessels and boilers that have a hazard level of A, B or C according to AS 4343.


Global Welding Technology has a multifaceted staff consisting of AICIP inspectors, NDT experts, welding engineers, metallurgists and scientists, who are capable of using their individual skills for providing highly effective inspection services to pressure vessel owners. We follow a strict and ethical scheme that fully complies with AS 3788, AS 4343, API 650 and other vital regulatory standards.


According to the occupation Health & Safety (Plant) regulations (1995), employers are bound to have their plant inspected in order to monitor all associated risks. However, Worksafe Australia is not liable for performing these inspections. It is solely the duty of the owner or employer to ensure the standard level of safety by arranging for regular inspections.

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