Ultrasonics or ultrasonic testing involves production of high frequency sound waves with a transducer having coupling medium for the purpose of detecting imperfections in a material. The most popular ultrasonic assessment method is pulse echo, in which echoes produced by internal imperfections due to introduction of ultrasonics are accepted by a receiver.
At Global Welding Technology, we specialise in ultrasonic testing service needed to locate defects, for material characterisation and to take precise dimensional measurements. With the help of ultrasonics, our certified and experienced technicians can easily detect discontinuities and flaws situated even at the highest penetration depth possible. Our intricate and highly advanced testing equipment not only find the flaws, but also estimate their near-accurate shape and size.
Our team of highly skilled professionals can provide quick and effective ultrasonic testing results even if one side of the material is accessible. They are abreast with the top notch procedures used for locating usual and rare discontinuities occurring due to base material fabrication & processes. Thus, we can correctly find the existing defects in various items, including continuous castings, ingots, tubular materials, welds, composites, and many more. Inspection is conducted only if they comply absolutely with the Australian Standards, AWS, ASME, API, EN and ISO codes. We are well knowledgeable of the significance of the necessary regulations and therefore, understand that comprising with them is not an option.
The Ultrasonics service of Global Welding Technology is available throughout Victoria, although any region in the neighbouring states can also opt for an ultrasonic assessment by us on request.

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