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Professional Welding Inspection Services in Melbourne

  • Welding Inspection

    Welding Inspection

    Visual Welding Inspection is the single most economic way of controlling welding defects. We conduct inspections in compliance with all major codes and standards.

  • Welding Supervision

    Welding Supervision

    Each welding supervisor is WTIA trained and qualified in compliance with Australian Standards AS2214 and AS1796. They are also experienced ...

  • Welding Procedure

    Welding Procedure

    Global Welding Technology offer expert welding procedure development services to a wide assortment of Australian and international codes and specifications. 

  • Welder Qualification

    Welder Qualification Witn...

    Global Welding Technology offer expert welding supervision services to a wide assortment of codes and specifications. As we are an Australian firm we...

  • Coating Inspection

    Coating Inspection

    The intended service life of a corrosion protection system represents the engineered economic value of that system by providing protection to that asset...

  • Visual Inspection

    Visual Inspection

    Global Welding Technology offer expert welding inspection services to a wide assortment of codes and specifications. Standards applied are AS/NZS, ASME, AWS , ISO and API.

  • AICIP Pressure Vessel

    AICIP Pressure Vessel

    Victorian legislation requires that boilers and pressure vessels be registered and compliant to the relevant standards. Global Welding Technology can assist with your assessment, maintenance and monitoring of your pressure vessels.

  • Mechanical Testing

    Mechanical Testing

    Global Welding Technology performs mecahnical testing such as macro examination, micro examination, bend tests, tensile tests, hardness tests and impact tests.

  • Radiography


    At Global Welding Technology, we offer cost-effective radiography service for detection of discontinuities and their permanent records via films & digital imaging.

  • Ultrasonics


    Ultrasonic testing service is a quick and easy NDT technique for detecting flaws with ultrasonic sound waves. State-of-the-art digital equipment is used to perform inspections.

  • Magnetic Particle

    Magnetic Particle

    The demand of MPT for flaw detection in ferrous materials is rising across industries in Victoria. Our experts offer it suitably by following the correct approach.

  • Metallurgical Investigations

    Metallurgical Investigati...

    Metallurgical Investigations are vital for preventing costly production problems. Not only do we conduct them effectively, but also offer elaborate test reports.

  • Dye Penetrant

    Dye Penetrant

    Our trained technicians can perform accurate Dye Penetrant Inspection in order to determine the locations of surface-breaking defects within non-porous materials.

  • Material Identification

    Material Identification

    The Material Identification service of Global Welding Technology is completely reliable & effective when it comes to evaluating material grade & alloy composition.

  • Corrosion Testing

    Corrosion Testing

    Corrosion can trigger production downtime and spike health & safety risks. But our CT service will remove any issue associated with complex corrosive environments.

  • Passivation Testing

    Passivation Testing

    Stainless steel can have contaminants present on it even after being passivated. Our Passivation Testing service is capable of detecting all unacceptable impurities.

Global Welding Technology in conjunction with associated NATA accredited companies is a service oriented economic supplier of welding inspection/supervision, NDT methods and mechanical testing to the petrochemical, construction and manufacturing industries. We provide expertise in welding supervision & inspection of pressure vessels & boilers, structural & stainless steel, specialised metals like titanium & nickel alloys, and aluminium. Our organisation is also well-facilitated to offer consultation to automated industries and extensive training for robotic welding.

Global Welding Technology is able to provide "at your factory" training for your personnel at all levels. We offer specialist one to one training for apprentices, on to the experienced tradesperson through to the W.T.I.A. ticketed welder. Unfortunately, we cannot test or provide certification to AS1796.

  • Manual metal arc welding
  • MIG welding
  • Flux cored arc welding
  • Oxy-acetylene welding
  • TIG welding
  • Resistance welding

New problems require new thinking to find solutions economically and successfully. And Global Welding Technology is a team of experienced welding specialists adept at finding effective solutions. Be it inefficient dry cleaning industry boilers or unreliable import supply of components, we can deliver appropriate remedies for all problems.

We have years of experience in the welding industry and stay abreast with all recent developments. As such, our experts share useful information about contemporary ongoings of the welding sector in Australia and worldwide. Keep up with the latest trends and industry alerts by staying connected to our blog space.

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