Radiography, also commonly known as radiographic testing, is a frequently used NDT procedure. It is mainly utilised to acquire images of surface & subsurface discontinuities. At Global Welding Technology, we can provide Radiography for inspection of structures, components and materials at economical and competitive rates.
Our trained and certified professionals are qualified to offer permanent records of traditional as well as digital radiography via film and digital imaging. They can hold standard test procedures and radiographic assessments accredited by NATA, in compliance with AS1929, AS2177, AS2314, AS2885.2, AS3507.1, AS3507.2, AS4749, ASME V, API 650 and AWS D1.1 codes.
With the help of state-of-the-art CP X-ray and X-ray equipment & isotopes, we can conduct radiography of castings, steel and steel structures, aluminium, pressure vessels, pipeline welds, boilers, forgings, and specialised metals like titanium & nickel alloys. Our cost-effective and reliable radiography service can be used for various applications, including weld inspections & certifications, measurement of wall density, corrosion mapping, blockage detection within sealed equipment, calculation of bulk density, reinforcing material & porosity detection inside concrete, crack detection, finding longitudinal cracks, locating welding defects, and so on.
We offer radiographic testing primarily to manufacturing industries throughout Victoria - aerospace, automotive, construction, power generation, petrochemical, and many others. Our professionals are always ready to customise the service to meet client requirements. We can also suggest whether computed or conventional radiography would be appropriate for an application. Each and every image procured can be preserved and compared accurately later on. All procedures are performed in accordance with the requisites of standard regulations and codes.

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