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Dye Penetrant

Dye Penetrant
Dye penetrant inspection or DPI (also referred to as Liquid Penetrant Inspection or simply Penetrant Test) is a popular NDT technique used for determining the location of common surface-breaking flaws in non-porous materials - basically ceramics, metals, plastics and composites. The inspection uses the principles of capillary action by penetrating dye into the surface-breaking defects. Initially the surface of the material that needs to be tested is cleaned properly. After that, a fluorescent or coloured penetrant is applied and then drawn out from the defects at the end of sufficient penetration time, only to replace it with a developer that increase the visibility of obscure indications. Finally, the surface is examined under white or black ultraviolet light.
We at Global Welding Technology cater low-cost and highly effective dye penetrant inspection service to different manufacturing industries across the state of Victoria. Our professionals are well-knowledgeable of DPI’s beneficial ability to work in combination with other NDT methods like ultrasonic inspection and magnetic particle testing. They have all kinds of essential DPT equipment for testing ferrous and non-ferrous materials, including stainless steel fittings & joints, weld overlays, forgings, castings, joints made of aluminium alloys and so on. Defects are recorded immediately post-inspection, followed by scheduling of coating processes if they are deemed necessary
All penetrant tests are done as per the important regulatory codes AS2062, ASME Article 6, EN571-1 and other essential standards. Every inspection is conducted very carefully in order to accurately locate flaws of all types present in the tested material - leaks in newly manufactured products, fatigue cracks within in-service components, hairline cracks and surface porosity.

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