Mechanical Weld Testing in Melbourne

Mechanical Testing

Mechanical testing (also known as engineering testing) helps in determining the mechanical properties, such as hardness, brittleness, toughness, strength and ductility, of various materials. The results of the tests are used to confirm the compatibility of a material with the requirements of a given field application.


We at Global Welding Technology can conduct mechanical tests on a range of forged, cast and wrought samples, as well as welding procedure and welder qualification test plates. Our qualified and NATA accredited technicians, metallurgists and mechanical testing management have hands-on experience in the field and can contribute efficiently towards the task of determining the mechanical properties of different materials.


Our expertise in mechanical testing extends to the following fields:

·      Macro Test – gives photographic evidence of the quality of the welded joint

·      Micro Test – gives photographic evidence of the microstructure of the welded joint

·      Bend Tests - Weld & metal transversely or longitudinally

·      Break Tests - Nick butt & fillet weld break

·      Hardness Testing – Rockwell and Brinell

·      Micro hardness Testing - Vickers & Knoop

·      Portable Hardness - Rebound and Leeb

·      Tensile Testing - Maximum elongation, Ultimate Tensile Strength, Reduction of Area, Fracture Analysis & Yield


·      Charpy Lateral Expansion - Sample fracture measurements post impact

·      Charpy Impact Testing - Down to 80 and -196 degrees Celsius & up to 300 joules

·      Charpy Fracture Appearance - Sample fracture brittle/ductile appearance & transition

·      Wedge & Bolt Tests - Fasteners & bolts

·      Flattening Test - CHS structural steel

·      Stud Tests - Adherence inspections

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