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Coating Inspection

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At Global Welding Technology, we provide a comprehensive range of inspection services to ensure that products adhere to the highest standards of quality. Our reliable and professional coating inspection service has enabled us to build a reputation as the leading coating inspection company in Melbourne. Our industry qualified inspectors take great care to ensure that products are coated as per specifications and you can count on our service for all your requirements.

Leading Coating Inspection Company

The intended service life of a corrosion protection system represents the engineered economic value of that system by providing protection to that asset (i.e., bridge, power plant, oil rig, etc).

The selection of a particular corrosion protection system is typically a function of economic, operational, environmental and safety issues.

Global Welding technology has a NACE Level 2 Coating Inspector who carries out inspection during the coatings system preparation and application to ensure that the system is installed within the intended design parameters. This is accomplished through emphasis on industry practices, standards and training. Extensive downtime for repairs and re-coating are minimised, therefore providing maximum utilisation of the asset for its intended service and revenue generation lifetime.

Paint Inspection Service

Painting inspection involves the assessment of paint coatings on surfaces. It is a critical element in determining the longevity of a component. Without the right coating, there is a risk of corrosion and the premature collapse of components. Our inspectors can help you at every step to ensure that products are painted as per your requirement. They possess the skill and expertise to carry out inspection services to suit the needs of customers from various sectors. From inspecting coating works in factories, laboratories, power plants and more, we are here to offer coating inspection and failure analysis.

The Benefits of Our Coating Inspection Service

The right coating is essential to protect your facility and coating failure may involve expensive repairs in the long run. With our service, you can ensure the continued protection of your facility.

  • We can assess surfaces for performance and compatibility
  • Prevent expensive repairs resulting due to coating failure
  • Determine the cause of coating failure and prevent such occurrences

With our unrivalled service, we have emerged as the leading coating inspection company and are the preferred choice for clients. We are always in the process of updating our techniques and scope of service to offer you the best outcome. With our state-of-the-art techniques and technology, our expertise in the field of coating inspection is second to none. We take pride in the exceptional quality of our inspection service and will ensure that the quality is to an acceptable level. We work closely with our clients at every step and you can connect with us to ensure that your coating is shielding your facility and preventing failures.

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