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The Use Of NDT For Protecting Coatings
08 Mar

The Use Of NDT For Protec...

Date created : March 08, 2018
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NDT is a form of lifetime maintenance discipline that protects coating and prevents formation of rust and corrosion. It has been designed to bring about significant improvement to maintain the quality of coatings. The process is based on the f...

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11 Dec

AS/NZS 2885.2 2016 CODE R...

Date created : December 11, 2016 By Paul Gillespie
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Australian Standards have released a new version of the Gas and Liquid Petroleum Pipeline Welding Code. There are a great deal of changes from the 2007 version. All weld procedures are now required to be signed off by an IIW International Welding ...

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AMWU check for welding code compliance
20 Jul

AMWU check for welding co...

Date created : July 20, 2016 By Paul Gillespie
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The AMWU has employed welding inspectors to attend building sites around the state. They will be checking if contractors have NATA certified welding procedures. They will also be checking to see that all welding personnel are currently qualified. ...

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Welding Supervision
06 Jun

Welding Supervision

Date created : June 06, 2016 By Paul Gillespie
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Why do I need a Welding Supervisor? I already have a foreman or I run the factory myself. This is just another cost to running my business. This blog will help bring to light the difference a Welding Supervisor can make to your bottom line in a po...

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AS/NZS 1554.1 Compliance Requirements
01 Apr

AS/NZS 1554.1 Compliance ...

Date created : April 01, 2016 By Paul Gillespie
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Hi, are you a steel fabricator or site welding business? If so, are you aware of your obligations to the end client, the job contract, the drawings and specifications? This is a greatly misunderstood area and we would love to help you manage it. ...

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Welding Management According to IIW MCS ISO 3834 Competitive Advantage For Companies
05 Mar

Welding Management Accord...

Date created : March 05, 2016 By Paul Gillespie
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Competitive Companies around Australia and the world are now adopting the International Institute of Welding (IIW) Manufacturer Certification Scheme (MCS) for the Management of Quality in Welded Fabrication, in order to become more competitive wit...

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Welding Inspection
03 Mar

Welding Inspection

Date created : March 03, 2016 By Jack
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Why have it? Inspection of welding, it’s an extra cost to my business. It’s just more paperwork. I have ISO 9001 so why do I need to do more? Let us help you tap into the work and methodology of a welding inspector. Firstly let...

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