Welding Corrosion Testing in Melbourne

Corrosion Testing
Corrosion of any particular material involves degradation of its micro constituent components because of chemical reactions triggered by corrosive agents present in the surrounding environment. It can cause permanent damage to assets, pipelines, materials and equipment, which may trigger heavy monetary loss. Corrosion also increases safety and health risks, leads to production downtime and ultimately hampers the reputation of an organisation.
Global Welding Technology’s skilled and licensed technicians offer NATA and NACE accredited Corrosion Testing (CT) service to various manufacturing industries for different applications. Our CT inspections are performed in compliance with AS2038, AS2331.3.1, AS2345 and other special regulatory codes. We are adequately equipped to handle all kinds of corrosion resistance tests on metals for analysing their vulnerability to the environment. The inspections conducted presently in our laboratories include crevice & pitting corrosion test, intergranular corrosion test, G48 test, copper sulphate test, nitric acid boiling test, ferric chloride test, dezincification test, neutral salt spray test, ferroxyl test, high humidity test, H2S cracking resistance test, SOHIC, HIC, SZC, SWC, etc.
For comprehending the performance of materials in service conditions, corrosion testing is vital. Our tactful team can provide individualised solutions for eliminating problems associated with complex corrosive environments. We possess the facility, equipment and knowledge required for simulating suitable challenging surroundings in order to determine how various materials allow or resist corrosion.
Our professionals understand the paramount importance of best health & safety practices, efficiency & cost savings and how they can be influenced by damage of a material at micro constituent level. By delivering accurate CT inspections and their test reports, we can ensure the proliferation of a manufacturing business within a competitive marketplace.

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