Magnetic Particle

Magnetic Particle
Magnetic particle testing is a part of NDT processes and is essentially required to detect discontinuities in the surface & subsurface of ferrous materials. A magnetic field or external electric current is applied to produce magnetic flux within the material that needs to be tested. At the same time, suitably-sized ferrous particles are sprayed or sprinkled on the surface. This causes the magnetic field at the discontinuities to leak because of magnetic flux distortion. The particles gather around the discontinuities and take on their shape.
We at Global Welding Technology understand how delicate and substantial a procedure like magnetic particle testing is. That is why our highly qualified and trained professionals perform it by following all the necessary standards, including AS1171, ASME V Article 7, EN1290 and other important AWS, API and ISO codes. They mainly apply residual and continuous magnetisation with wet suspension & dry particle. By following the correct approach and using modern equipment like AC yokes, AC/DC bench magnet and AC/DC coils, we ensure cost-effective deliverance of results in the shortest span of time possible.
At present, magnetic particle has become the most commonly preferred fast and economical test method for various industries like locomotive, aerospace, power generation, petrochemical, nuclear and automotive. This is because MPT is super sensitive and can identify faults within creep or tight cracks on steam piping and in rotating components. As such, we extend our MPT service to different manufacturing sectors for testing many different materials, such as iron, steel, nickel, castings and ferromagnetic alloys.
Although our organisation focuses mainly on all places within Victoria, we can also extend our service beyond its borders on request.

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