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The Use Of NDT For Protecting Coatings

The Use Of NDT For Protecting Coatings
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NDT is a form of lifetime maintenance discipline that protects coating and prevents formation of rust and corrosion. It has been designed to bring about significant improvement to maintain the quality of coatings. The process is based on the foundation primer coats which is over-coated with expendable finish coats. In the maintenance process, primarily the repair and replacement is focused upon to leave the primer coats intact.
The coating inspection is done with the help of black light, which is activated with fluorescence. It produces an enhanced form of visual signature which is termed as EVS. Coating inspection gives an early warning whenever a defect in the material is determined. This allows the NDT experts to monitor complex and large surfaces within a limited time-frame and also helps understand what type of repairs need to be done. This allows the maintenance to be performed effectively and also prevent failure of the coating.
How does the problem occur?
As oil is the main source of energy in the modern world, some of the major problems arise from the same. This happens when the raw material is transformed through heat and pressure into an energy source. The pipeline that carries the material is prone to expansion and thus, the welded parts often get damaged due to versatility in temperature. This means maintenance becomes the first priority for industries to keep things safe and functional.
The process of coating inspection
Maintaining the compliance as per governmental rules is crucial. This is the reason why coating inspection must be done at every stage to figure out the flaws. This includes preparing the surface that has to be coated, monitoring climatic conditions, evaluating the thickness of dry film, visual inspection, and different tests based on gauge that ensure adequate process control.
To prepare the steel surface, removal of rust and other contaminates is important. It is done to increase the adhesion of the coatings in the pipeline or the material. In most cases, elcometer is used to figure out a range of visual standards to prevent formation of rust and dust. Sometimes, coating inspection can also be done through salt contamination methods including saturated filter paper method, Bresle patch method, and specified chloride titration tube method.
To know more about coating inspection, stay tuned to our blog space.

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