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AMWU check for welding code compliance

AMWU check for welding code compliance
Date created : July 20, 2016 By Paul Gillespie 0 Comment

The AMWU has employed welding inspectors to attend building sites around the state. They will be checking if contractors have NATA certified welding procedures. They will also be checking to see that all welding personnel are currently qualified. This is not a reference to whether a contractor has a Cert 2 or Cert 3 in Engineering but more that welders are currently qualified to AS/NZS 1554.1 by means of a macro test and current NATA report. Welding personnel can also be qualified to AS2980 or by possessing an AS1796 welding certificate.

Global Welding Technology is able to assist companies and contractors to achieve compliance with AS/NZS 1554.1 in a cost effective and timely manner.

Please contact us to assist you.

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